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Instructions: All sections of the application should be completed. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Award Qualification: 

1. Minimum of 7 Years auditing experience

2. Currently serving or having past served as an officer of the local IAACS chapter, IAACS or NSIPA

3. Contributions to premium audit industry above and beyond what is normally expected

4. Current Member of the IAACS local Chapter 

Officer of the local chapter placing the Nomination

Current Member in Good Standing of: (Yes or No) 

Please include in the message below:

1. Premium Audit Field Auditing Experience

2. Contributions nominee has made to Premium Audit industry

3. Positions served in local, IAACS or NSIPA

4. Past local, regional or national Premium Audit conferences you have participated in: (Provide date, association and level of participation.)

Thanks for submitting!

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