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Congratulations to the most recent winner of the James Boutress Award,

Carol Laskey

Each year the Insurance Auditors Association of the Central States has the privilege of recognizing an auditor within the Central States region whom his or her peers have nominated for their contribution to the insurance auditor profession.

Jim Boutress was a premium auditor for the Great American Insurance Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jim was very active in both the local CPCU society as well as the Insurance Auditors Association. Jim was a strong advocate of certification and continuing education. He always encouraged those who worked for him to be active in these organizations as well. Jim taught the INS 21, 22 & 23 IIA courses. He would always make himself available during breaks and lunch to answer questions from his students.

Jim was a nationally know bridge player and also was a "sports nut". He refereed for high school football, which is what he was doing at the time he suffered his heart attack.


In the late 70's, Jim passed away while recovering from open-heart surgery. In 1979, the Insurance Auditors Association of the Central States established the Jaines Boutress Award, to honor that person who unselfishly has helped and inspired his or her fellow auditors to obtain a higher standard of knowledge and professionalism.

2023-2024 Carol Laskey

2022-2023 Kurt Lang

2018-2019 Kyle DePenning

2017-2018 Gary Oschner

2016-2017 Steve McClanahan

2015-2016 John Tomey

2014-2015  Greg Rohner

2013-2014  Tom Terzinski

2012-2013  Zelda Emery

2011-2012  Bob Davidson

2010-2011  David Naughton

2009-2010  Brian DeFrang

2008-2009  Darryl Becker

2007-2008  Dirk Brinkmeyer

2006-2007  Jeanne Arnold

2005-2006  Kathleen Narland  

2004-2005  Rick Kuharik

2003-2004  Linda Picou

2002-2003 Dianne Taylor

2001-2002  Don Ruppar

2000-2001  Bill Johnson

1999-2000  None

1998-1999  Sue Grover

1997-1998  Jim Marks

1996-1997  Bruce Paulson

1995 -1996 Greg Wermerskirchen

1994-1995  Gary Jurgens

1993-1994  Ruben Reiner

1992-1993  Frank Barvinek

1991-1992  Thomas Behr

1990-1991  Jim Anderson   

1989-1990  Dave Armfelt

1988-1989  Dennis Brandanger

1987-1988  Arne DeFrange

1986-1987  Tom West

1985-1986  Stanley Zott

1984-1985  Jack & Penny White

1983-1984  Terry Meadows

1982-1983  Richard Knarr

1981-1982  James Lynn

1980-1981  Betty Gerdes

1979-1980  Len Pawlowski - first recipient


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