1. The Award Qualifications should be used as a guideline. If no qualified candidate is nominated, the award will not be presented that year.


2. All  nominations must be made in accordance with the IAACS bylaws, in writing and on the form prescribed.

3.The Nominating Committee shall be made up of one delegate from each local chapter of the IAACS. A quorum constitutes two-thirds (2/3) of the local chapters being represented. If no quorum exists, the award will not be presented that year.


4. In the event that more than one qualified candidate is placed into nomination, the award shall be awarded to the candidate receiving a simple majority of the votes. There is no limit on the number of votes that can be taken. In the event of a tie, the committee chairperson may break that tie.


5. Local chapters of the IAACS are encouraged but not required to nominate a candidate each year. Chapters are reminded that previous nominees who were not a recipient are still eligible for nomination.


6. The chairperson of the Award Committee shall be the previous recipient. In their absence, the current President of IAACS, or a board member appointed by the President, shall preside.


7. Candidates should be judged on qualification and contribution. The award may be presented posthumously.


8. The Award Committee will meet at the annual convention of the IAACS. Nominations will be presented to the Committee at that time and not before. The Committee Chair shall provide to the IAACS President, the name of the recipient, if any, before the annual banquet. The name of the recipient, if any, will be kept in strict confidence until announced at the annual banquet.


9. No promotion activities of any candidate will be permitted prior to the Committee meeting. Failure to comply will result in removal of that candidate's name from consideration that year.